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Site Reliable engineer (SRE)

CHRLY, founded in 2023, is Fujitsu Portugal's first corporate startup. We are focused on Ynnovating Tech recruitment by bringing talent and Ynnovation together!

Our mission is to hire tech talent who can make an impact on the lives of companies.

Part of our culture is a balance between personal and professional life, the possibility of working from wherever you want, personal and professional recognition.

If you are a Ynnovator and believe that innovation can be a key factor, then we are the right company for you.

Standard Requirements:
  • Manage monitoring platform incorporating the most diverse technologies (computing, storage, network, clouds, automations);
  • Design and implement new monitoring processes and new technologies;
  • Ensure the operation of the integration of events in the ITIL platform;
  • Develop new automation and orchestration mechanisms;
  • Ensure standards and automations when necessary to migrate to the cloud;
  • Participate in the consultation and design phase of the systems, manage the platform and plan its capacity;
  • Work together with other teams in the development of new processes, services, or controls.
  • Keep updated the documentation that characterizes the processes implemented;

Required Experience:
  • Minimum experience of 3 years in similar roles with a strong monitoring and automation component;
  • Experience working in DevOps culture;
  • Strong knowledge and experience in both the software development and operations components;
  • Experience with incident response and alert management;

Skills that will be an asset:
  • Experience in orchestration and automation tools;
  • Experience in creation, monitoring and maintenance of infrastructures;
  • Experience in development and design of solutions;
  • Experience in information integration and processing solutions;
  • Experience in CI/CD tools;
  • Ability to program (structured and OO) with one or more high-level languages;
  • Experience with distributed storage technologies such as CIFS, NFS, HDFS, Ceph, S3, Azure Storage, etc.;
  • High knowledge and experience in public Cloud Computing platforms such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, etc. (at least one of them).

The salary range for this position varies between 40k-60k gross annually depending on the candidate's qualifications and experience demonstrated during the interview process.